Hyperinflation in Iran Brings Us One Step Closer to WWIII and the Death of the Dollar

Iran is beginning to experience hyperinflation as a result of the sanctions that are being imposed by the US and Europe. Probability of Iran responding militarily against either Israel or European/US interests increases as the Rial continues to lose value. If it happens (coupled with the pending US debt ceiling breach), it’ll provide the perfect cover for yet another war which will be the stepping stone toward WWIII as I have been saying for over a year now. Buckle up people. Have a feeling all hell is going to break loose after the Nov. 6th election.

As a reminder; China, Russia, Pakistan, and India (all of which are nuclear powers) are fiercely opposed to a Western backed war against Iran and Syria.  If the US/Israel/Europe goes to war with either of the two countries, Asia has two options to respond.  1. War and 2. Abandoning the US dollar.  #2 seems more realistic as it would be a death blow to the West.

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