Global depression/war pending and top military officials relieved of duty

I don’t subscribe to the December 2012, end of the world fears.  But I do, however, find what is happening today to be very interesting.

For months economic data and news was blatantly manipulated day after day which was done, in my opinion, to solidify Obama’s reelection.  Now that the election has come and gone, the need to manipulate has disappeared.  This point is exemplified by the fact that the following day the stock market was down nearly 300 points and the MSM began frantically talking about the looming fiscal cliff (yet said nothing about it for all of 2012). 

Today war within the Middle East appears to be inevitable.  Israel is now stirring the pot on three different fronts: Iran, Syria, and Gaza.  The fact that the Muslim Brotherhood has become such a force in the Middle East doesn’t bode well for tensions.  Israel continues to be the aggressor yet continues to receive full support from the West.  Should Israel officially wage with Syria and/or Iran, China and Russia will be brought into the mix.

Which brings me to another interesting observation.  It’s interesting how right as election passes, all of these controversies regarding the military bubble up.  Let’s review.  Pending war in the Middle East?  Check.  Pending global financial crisis/depression?  Check.  Now seems like a perfect time to fire very prominent leaders of our military and intelligence community. 

This will not end well.

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