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SHTF Moment Approaching?

When it comes to any other issue (gay marriage, abortion, illegal wars, TSA, etc) Americans for the most part rarely (if ever) actually draw a line in the sand. The 2nd amendment is a very different issue though.

It seems that the issue of gun rights is a very polarized issue and one that has the potential to escalate. It seems that our government is hell bent on creating a civil war – they might make an attempt to disarm Americans, but such an attempt will be met with fierce and violent resistance.

Unfortunately the American Revolution 2.0 plays directly into the treasonous government’s hands. For years, DHS, FBI, CIA, etc. has characterized red-blooded, liberty loving Americans as potential “domestic terrorists.” If a civil war does erupt, the 99% of Americans that are completely brainwashed will view true American patriots as the enemy (just as the majority of Germans turned on their neighbors that resisted in Nazi Germany). This gives the government the perfect pretext to implement martial law (those 1.6 billion rounds of .40 cal hollow points that DHS purchased make more and more sense).

The fact that the German Bundesbank is moving to repatriate their foreign held gold reserves (after telling the NYFed 3 months ago that they would never do that) and now the Netherlands is moving to do the same, makes me wonder how much longer we have left until we reach that SHTF moment. Economic recession/depression almost always comes right before war. So the question remains, if Central Banks don’t trust each other with their real money (gold), then how bad is the economy about to get?


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