LAPD? More like Judge Dredd

I have a question for you, dear reader:

Note: This isn’t conspiracy theory.  I am simply asking a rhetorical question.

Since we are presumed innocent until proven guilty, let’s pretend for a second that Chris Dorner was in fact innocent. The guy was fired for exposing corruption. What if he knew some stuff that could get a lot of higher ups in trouble? Is it possible that this entire story was fabricated? After all, there hasn’t been any evidence produced that proves he posted that manifesto online. Haven’t seen any evidence showing that he is guilty of what he is accused of. Furthermore, the LAPD was behaving like gangster vigilantes shooting first and asking questions later (as evidenced by them shooting two women without warning). If you were driving around, an innocent man, seeing legions of police officers ready to shoot you dead instead of arrest you, how would you respond? As a former marine and cop, you’d definitely be armed. If confronted, you would definitely return fire.

The cops versions of events is that Dorner was spotted in Big Bear and that he fired first and fled the scene. What if the exact opposite happened (which seems like a legitimate possibility) and the cops rolled up guns blazing? Entire situation makes a lot of sense when you consider how everything ended. They intentionally set the house on fire despite having it completely surrounded with militarized police armed with military grade automatic assault rifles. Dorner had a decision. Burn alive or exit the house and be shot dead.

The fact that people aren’t outraged at the LAPD’s actions on record during this manhunt shows how much we are already descended into tyranny.

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