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QEternity Does Not Help The American People

The Federal Reserve announced almost a month ago what people incorrectly refer to as QE3 (in should be called QE5).  In reality it should be called QEternity, as there is no target amount of duration for the monthly LSAP (large scale asset purchases).  Their reasoning for this new stimulus was to help the American job market/economy.  Unfortunately, nothing the Fed does is aimed at helping the average American.

QEternity will soon be injecting $85 billion/month directly into the very banks that caused the financial crisis in 2008. To put it into perspective, $85 billion would support approximately 2,975,000 full time minimum wage jobs PER YEAR.  This money is unsterilized meaning it is newly created (printed out of thin air so to speak).  The money is given to the banks who can do one of two things.  They can deposit it with the Federal Reserve and receive interest on their excess reserves (the Fed PAYS the banks NOT to lend out this money) or they can gamble it in the financial market.  If and when the banks ever begin using their excess reserves to buy physical assets (oil, land, mortgages, commodities, etc) or lends it out, it’ll create a tidal wave of inflation that will make $5 gas look cheap.

As a reminder, both Obama and Romney support the Federal Reserve and the its current monetary policies. Keep telling yourself that either candidate serves the American people.


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Hyperinflation in Iran Brings Us One Step Closer to WWIII and the Death of the Dollar

Iran is beginning to experience hyperinflation as a result of the sanctions that are being imposed by the US and Europe. Probability of Iran responding militarily against either Israel or European/US interests increases as the Rial continues to lose value. If it happens (coupled with the pending US debt ceiling breach), it’ll provide the perfect cover for yet another war which will be the stepping stone toward WWIII as I have been saying for over a year now. Buckle up people. Have a feeling all hell is going to break loose after the Nov. 6th election.

As a reminder; China, Russia, Pakistan, and India (all of which are nuclear powers) are fiercely opposed to a Western backed war against Iran and Syria.  If the US/Israel/Europe goes to war with either of the two countries, Asia has two options to respond.  1. War and 2. Abandoning the US dollar.  #2 seems more realistic as it would be a death blow to the West.

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The 2012 Presidential [Puppet] Debate

With everyone so focused on the Presidential [puppet] debates last night between Obomney, I thought it’d be a good time to point how who the true unelected leaders of the developed world are. These are the men calling the shots. But who’s pulling their strings?

On November 6th, you will not be voting for the next President of the United States.  Instead, you will be deciding which puppet will sit in the oval office and will do the bidding of the globalist banksters.

According to Albert Einstein, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  If you’re deciding between Obama and Romney it really doesn’t matter who you cast your vote for.  Romney and Obama stand together on every important issue.

Both support NDAA as written
Both have no respect for the Constitution
Both support the private Federal Reserve Bank
Both believe that the executive has the authority to wage war without consulting Congress
Both are anti-2nd amendment
Neither one believes in sound money
Neither one believes in free market capitalism

The list goes on and on.

The hard reality is that our government is controlled by a private bank that owns a monopoly on our currency and devalues it at will with impunity.  The reason why inflation is always on the rise is because of the continual devaluation of the dollar.  Prices are going up, but rather, the purchasing power of the dollar is declining.

I urge people to begin voting with their conscience and stop engaging in this false right vs. left, liberal vs. conservative, paradigm.

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Apple and Amazon Bubbles

Let’s see, Apple has a market cap larger than the GDP of entire countries, the entire tech sector COMBINED, the entire retail sector COMBINED, etc. Amazon, meanwhile, has a massive market cap despite the fact that it has a 1% profit margin. It also appears that the new normal for these companies is increasingly short product cycles paired with less and less improvements in each cycle (see: the Kindle Paperweight…erm…Paperwhite).

Both stocks are clearly in bubbles. Going to be funny when those bubbles pop.

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Another Example of How Powerful Mass Media Is and How Dumbed Down Americans Really Are

Can’t tell you how often I hear people scoff at the idea that mass media contains tons of subliminal messaging/predictive programming.  It is, after all, called Television programming.

Substance is no longer important to the sheeple.  One of the most important parts of the day for the typical American is the nonstop worship of the celebrity (while at the same time completely ignoring world-world events by choice and the other by willful ignorance) as this video clearly demonstrates.  People used to be important (and with it often came fame) because they actually accomplished something.  Sadly, those days are over.  People are now important because they are…famous.

Stop and think about that for a second.  Then think about why people from the Jersey Shore, Bachelor/Bachelorette, etc. (really, just choose any reality TV star).  Why do people even care about these people?  In the end, what really makes them any different than you and me?  Even 10+ years ago, most people were still important for a “real” reason.  Actors were famous.  Musicians were famous.  Not all of them were true artists but they at least had some talent.  But today, the only thing that separates you from the celebrity culture is money, fashion, and a camera.  It’s the way the social engineers want it.  But the vast majority of us are willful participants in this madness.

Some of us roll our eyes when we hear the latest celebrity gossip.  But most secretly love the drama.  Many are blatantly open about their obsession.  We actively engage in and perpetuate the culture by paying attention.  Just something to think about the next time you are zoning out in front of the TV instead of playing with your kids, talking with your significant other, spending time with friends and family, etc.

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The Bourne Legacy – Another example of predictive programming

People laugh and call you a crazy conspiracy theorist when you tell them about subliminal messaging/predictive programming that exists in mass media.  Here is just another example of conspiracy FACT.

The Bourne Legacy’s main character, Aaron Cross, is a genetically modified super-soldier of the future.  The American people are being conditioned to accept this as normal.


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Why the Laws of Supply and Demand Are Dead

Concerned about high gas prices? Read this article, which further explains why the laws of supply and demand are dead…Meaning increasing the supply of crude oil (and thus, gasoline) will do nothing to the price. And what does dictate pricing? Well none other than currency debasement by central banks.  So all of the neo-cons calling for “Drill baby, drill” need to just shut up already.  And our fearless Comrade TOTUS can stop blaming all those “evil speculators.”

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